Georgia Injury Cases Still Impacted by COVID-19

Georgia Injury Cases Still Impacted by COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many aspects of your lives for months now, and the justice system was not spared. Courts closed completely for a while, and even though many courts are open, they are open on a limited basis. One type of proceeding that has largely been postponed, especially in certain civil cases, is the jury trial.

If you are seriously injured, and you have a high-value claim, the insurance company might not agree to pay the full amount you deserve, no matter how persuasive your claim might be. This means you might head into litigation, and if your case still does not settle, you will need to bring the matter before a jury at trial.

Jury trials start with jury selection, which can involve 50 or more people in a small courtroom for a full day or longer. There is little social distancing possible in a crowded courtroom, and so pulling together a jury pool is not a common option these days. While some cases are now allowed to proceed with a six-person jury trial, all parties have to agree, and this is not always likely to happen.

Your attorney can advise you whether your case should wait for a jury trial or not. During the pause, they can continue to negotiate with the defendant and their insurer, as well as help advise you to ensure you receive all the medical treatment you need. The right legal guidance can help you wait out the process to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve in the end.

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