Using Video Footage to Prove Truck Crash Claims

Using Video Footage to Prove Truck Crash Claims

Commercial trucks are complicated machines, and when they crash, it can be challenging to identify and prove the cause of the accident and who should be liable for your losses as an injured victim. While different types of evidence can be used to prove liability, video footage can be particularly persuasive. This is because insurance adjusters or jury members can watch with their own eyes what happened.

Video footage tends to disappear quickly, however, so it is important to get a Greensboro truck accident attorney on the case as soon as possible.

Types of Footage that Might Help Your Truck Accident Claim

The video footage that might be available will depend on the circumstances of your accident. Some video evidence that your attorney might seek out includes:

  • Truck dash cams – Many commercial vehicles have dash cams that face the driver, the road in front of the truck, or both. This footage can show what the driver was doing or what was happening on the road prior to and during the truck accident.
  • Surveillance cameras – Many intersections have cameras installed, as well as nearby parking lots or businesses. If your lawyer determines that a camera might have caught the accident, they can seek out that footage.
  • Cell phone videos – In this day and age, people take their cell phones out and start recording when anything out of the ordinary happens. If a witness saw a truck driver losing control, they might record the incident and offer it later to help your case.

Speak with a Greensboro Truck Accident Attorney Right Away

Having video evidence can help your case, but it never guarantees a positive result. This is why you want a highly experienced Greensboro truck accident lawyer from Ben F. Windham, P.C., handling your case. Contact us to discuss your rights and options for free.