Griffin Lyft Accident Attorney

Griffin Lyft Accident Attorney

Rideshare companies like Lyft have become such a big part of our lives that it’s difficult to imagine what we’d do without them. The convenience of simply Lyft-ing from place to place has endeared the company to us, but it’s important to recognize that there are dangers involved and that Lyft accidents happen. If you’re injured in a Lyft accident, you need the professional legal counsel of an experienced Lyft accident lawyer in Griffin on your side.

The Lyft Experience

As a passenger, you might think that hiring a Lyft is much like hailing a taxi, but there is a difference. Taxi drivers are commercial drivers who work for taxi companies, which assume much of the liability in any given taxicab accident. Lyft, on the other hand, does not employ its drivers but, instead, uses independent contractors. This is great for Lyft – because they are able to eschew a good deal of responsibility and liability – but leaves passengers more vulnerable in traffic accidents. Further, the standard of excellence for your Lyft driver is that he or she has a valid driver’s license.

Complex Insurance Issues

If you are injured in a Lyft accident, figuring out which insurance coverage applies can be a major hurdle. The basics include:

  • If the driver has a passenger or is on the way to pick up a passenger, Lyft has a policy in place.
  • If the driver has no passengers, either the driver’s policy or Lyft’s will apply.
  • If the driver is not on the Lyft app, his or her own policy applies (just like any other driver’s would).

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