Hapeville Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Hapeville Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you ride a motorcycle, you know the thrill of heading out on your bike, and Georgia is a great state for hitting the open road. Motorcycle accidents, however, are extremely dangerous accidents that can quickly derail your future. If another motorist leaves you injured in a motorcycle accident, it’s in your best interest to work closely with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Hapeville.

Dangerous Lane Changes

When you are on your bike, it’s more difficult for other motorists to see you in their midst. While drivers are, nonetheless, responsible for proceeding safely in relation to traffic on the ground, you are well-advised to proceed as if other drivers don’t see you. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and this mindset will help ensure that you don’t get lost in someone else’s blind spot. The fact is that you are most vulnerable to getting lost in the shuffle when you are changing lanes, proceeding with the right-of-way, or passing other vehicles. Always take special safety precautions when you need to leave your lane of traffic.

Dangerous Motorists

If you are an experienced motorcyclist, you’ve likely seen your share of motorists who pose a special risk to all the bikers out there. These include:

  • Distracted drivers
  • Impaired drivers
  • Drowsy drivers
  • Drivers who speed or are otherwise aggressive

While these kinds of negligent drivers obviously endanger everyone on our roads, they are that much more dangerous to motorcyclists.

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Motorcycle accidents are often highly dangerous. If another motorist leaves you injured in a motorcycle accident, the Hapeville motorcycle accident attorneys at the law firm of Ben F. Windham, PC, are eager and well equipped to help you obtain the compensation to which you are entitled. To schedule a free consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at 833.236.9467 today.