Henry County Brain and Spinal Injury Attorney

Henry County Brain and Spinal Injury Attorney

Serious accidents often lead to very serious injuries, including brain and spinal injuries. Both of these injuries are common to traffic accidents, falls, and many other types of unexpected incidents. If someone else’s negligence has left you with a brain or spinal injury, consult with a brain and spinal injury lawyer in Henry County today.

Injury-Related Losses

If you’ve suffered either a brain or spinal injury, there are certain losses you’re likely incurring, including:

  • Medical expenses that range from emergency care to surgeries, aftercare, and beyond
  • Lost wages that can extend to a diminished earning potential (and even to a dramatic change in your career path)
  • The pain and suffering associated with these catastrophic injuries

The physical, financial, and emotional damages associated with brain and spinal injuries are often immense.

Brain Injuries

Brain injuries are usually called traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), and they are as serious as they are unpredictable in nature. Victims each suffer unique impairments, which can affect their cognitive, physical, and behavioral functioning.

Spinal Injuries

Spinal injuries can occur anywhere on the spinal cord, and they can lead to chronic pain or even the permanent loss of mobility. When severe, a spinal injury can leave the victim permanently paralyzed and in need of lifelong care.

Call an Experienced Brain and Spinal Injury Lawyer in Henry County Today

If someone else’s negligence leaves you with a brain or spinal injury, you need experienced legal counsel, and the dedicated Henry County brain and spinal injury attorneys at the law offices of Ben F. Windham, PC, are committed to aggressively advocating on behalf of your rights for the compensation to which you are entitled. We’re here to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at 833.236.9467 to schedule a free consultation today.