Henry County Lyft Accident Attorney

Henry County Lyft Accident Attorney

We all love the convenience of simply turning to our phones to hail a Lyft. Lyft accidents, however, tend to be as complicated as they are dangerous. If a Lyft driver leaves you injured in an accident, you’re well-advised to work closely with an experienced Lyft accident lawyer in Henry County.

Lyft Drivers

Although we think of Lyft drivers as being much like taxi drivers, the truth is that they are not professional drivers, and as such, they are not held to the same careful rules, regulations, and restrictions related to safety. Further, Lyft drivers need no special licensure, skill, or experience – the way taxi drivers and other professional drivers do.

Lyft Driver Negligence

Lyft drivers are just as susceptible as any other drivers to engaging in negligent driving practices (and because they’re behind the wheel more frequently, they may be more susceptible). Such negligence can come in a variety of dangerous forms that include:

  • Distraction – Ferrying passengers while interacting with the Lyft app and scoping out unfamiliar destinations is difficult enough on its own. When Lyft drivers allow any outside distraction to attract their attention, it can spell danger for everyone on the roadway.
  • Impairment – An impaired Lyft driver is obviously a dangerous Lyft driver.
  • Exhaustion – Many Lyft drivers depend upon their earnings to make a living, and this can be motivation enough to stay behind the wheel when fatigue has set in, and it’s no longer safe to do so.

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