Henry County Rental Car Accident Attorney

Henry County Rental Car Accident Attorney

Rental cars help make traveling far more convenient. When you’re involved in a rental car accident, however, things can become very confusing very quickly. If someone else’s negligence leaves you injured in a crash involving a rented vehicle, don’t delay consulting with an experienced rental car accident lawyer in Henry County.

The Rental Car Driver

The fact is that the person behind the wheel of the rental car is likely to be unfamiliar with the area and unfamiliar with the car he or she is driving. If the driver is not used to such uncertainties on the road, it can contribute to dangerous accidents. If the motorist who left you injured was driving the rental car, this fact may have played a role.

Common Insurance Issues

Whether a negligent motorist who’s driving a rental car leaves you injured in your car or a negligent driver leaves you injured in a rental car, deciphering which insurance policy comes into play can be extremely complicated. The insurance basics are as follows:

  • The rental car company offers additional insurance coverage that may be applicable to your accident.
  • The credit card of whoever rented the car (either you or the other driver) may provide some coverage.
  • The personal insurance of the rental car driver is also likely to be invoked.

Cases involving rental car accidents are typically complicated from start to finish, and you want the right legal assistance for your claim.

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