How Neglect Can Injure Nursing Home Residents

How Neglect Can Injure Nursing Home Residents

There is much discussion about nursing home abuse and staff members who intentionally cause physical or mental injuries to residents. However, nursing home neglect is also a serious and growing problem in Georgia and across the United States. Many facilities are understaffed or fail to properly train the staff, which can result in substandard care. Inadequate care can lead to preventable injuries and other health issues to residents.

While everyone makes mistakes, there is a certain standard of care that nursing homes are expected to provide. When the care falls below this level, a nursing home should be responsible for any harm that results. Neglect and resulting injuries can include:

  • Failing to provide proper nutrition or hydration, resulting in weight loss or gain, muscle spasms, and other health issues
  • Not having sanitary facilities, bedding or clothing, which can lead to toxic exposure and other illnesses
  • Not assisting residents who need help moving around, which can cause them to fall down and sustain hip fractures or other injuries
  • Not adjusting the position of residents confined to wheelchairs or beds, which can cause them to develop painful bedsores
  • Failing to give proper medication or medical care, which can unnecessarily exacerbate medical issues
  • Not responding to emergency medical situations quickly enough, which can lead to a life-threatening situation

If you think your loved one’s injuries, illness, or worsening medical condition might be a result of neglect at their nursing home, you should speak with a trusted attorney immediately.

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