How Trucking Companies Try to Avoid Liability for Injuries

How Trucking Companies Try to Avoid Liability for Injuries

Trucking companies are afraid of what could happen to them in the aftermath of your accident. Recently, numerous companies have been put out of business by “nuclear verdicts.” Here is how trucking companies try to protect themselves at your expense.

One recent trend is that many trucking companies have been calling their drivers “independent contractors.” By doing this, they are trying to avoid liability for the drivers’ actions. Trucking companies are attempting to sidestep lawsuits by saying that drivers are not their employees. The trucking companies do not get the last word here. Your trucking accident lawyer could give close attention to the arrangement, and a court could find that the truckers are employees no matter what the company says.

How to Stop the Trucking Company from Getting Rid of Evidence

Trucking companies could also try to hide or destroy evidence after an accident. When they know they may be at fault for the crash, they could take steps to cover their track because they have evidence in their possession that could be used to prove your case. Here is what you could do to stop that:

  • Hire an attorney right after the crash
  • Have your attorney immediately send a letter to put any destruction of evidence on hold
  • Work quickly to file an insurance claim

Finally, the trucking company may try to blame you for the accident, saying that it was caused by your negligence. This is when you need a lawyer who could fight for you. Your lawyer would work to investigate your crash and gather the evidence you need to prove fault. The trucking company does not have the final say about liability.

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