Impaired Truck Drivers Cause Devastating Injuries

Impaired Truck Drivers Cause Devastating Injuries

Impaired Truck Driving Accident

Semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles are massive, complex machines that require special training and licensing to operate. These trucks are more difficult to maneuver than regular passenger vehicles, so it is important that commercial truck drivers remain alert and aware at all times. When a truck driver is impaired, it can result in devastating crashes and injuries.

Truck Drivers and Substance Use

Research in recent years has indicated that the incidence of substance use and abuse is relatively high among the truck driving population. There are different reasons for the increase in substance use, including trying to stay awake during a shift, stave off boredom, or self-medicating depression or anxiety, which are also common for truck drivers. Some common substances used include:

  • Alcohol
  • Amphetamines
  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine

It is extremely dangerous for truck drivers to use any amount of psychoactive substances and try to operate a tractor-trailer.

Some people believe there will be more stoned truck drivers on the highway due to many states legalizing the sale of marijuana. A truck driver may live in Georgia but may regularly travel through Colorado or other states with legal weed. This allows them to purchase marijuana easily and then transport it for use in other states.

Liability for Your Injuries

If an impaired truck driver caused your accident and injuries, the driver and the trucking company should be held fully liable. Proving impairment is key to obtaining the compensation you deserve, and an experienced truck accident lawyer in Atlanta can help.

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