Improper Maintenance Can Cause Trucks to Crash

Improper Maintenance Can Cause Trucks to Crash

Trucks are large and complicated vehicles. Up to 80,000 pounds is traveling on the road. The slightest malfunction could cause a catastrophic crash, even if the truck driver does nothing wrong. This is why there are strict federal standards for maintenance. Unfortunately, trucking companies do not always follow these rules.

How Negligent Maintenance Causes Crashes

Truck drivers need to be able to control their vehicles. In addition, they must brake in time, knowing that the heavy weight of the truck increases their braking time. Here are some maintenance issues that could lead to a crash.

  • Worn out brakes
  • Underinflated or worn tires
  • Defective fifth wheel couplings that lead to separation
  • Broken taillights that keep cars from knowing when the truck stops

Up to one-third of truck crashes are caused by faulty maintenance, specifically brake failures. Even if it is not the driver’s fault, the trucking company is still being negligent because a reasonable trucking company keeps their vehicles in a roadworthy condition. It is part of the duty that they owe to everyone else.

Truck Companies Often Try to Reduce Maintenance

The problem is that many trucking companies are trying to cut corners because they are under time pressure to make deliveries, and they need their trucks on the road. If your attorney could prove that the truck company violated a federal rule about maintenance, that could be enough to prove negligence. Truck companies can and must pull the truck off the road when there are maintenance issues. They must frequently inspect the truck because the worst place to notice an issue for the first time is after it has caused a crash.

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