Injuries to Children While Playing Outside

Injuries to Children While Playing Outside

In recent months, our children have likely been looking at screens more than ever – for online learning, virtual playdates and seeing family, or simply watching more TV or playing more video games to allow parents to work or relax. To take a break from all of these screens, parents might encourage their children to play outside when they can.

Playing outside the house has always been enjoyable for many children, and there have also always been the risks of serious accidents and injuries. The following are some common accidents that might occur and injure your child.

Pedestrian Accidents

Unless you live in a remote area, there are likely going to be cars and other motor vehicles passing by your home. While you might encourage your child to stay in the yard, it can be difficult to stop a child from running into the street or a neighbor’s driveway after a ball or another toy. Getting hit by a car can result in severe traumatic injuries, such as head injuries, crushed bones, and more.

Bicycle Accidents

If your child knows how to ride a bicycle, chances are they like to do so on a regular basis. If a child is riding a bike in the street, they can be hit by a motor vehicle and risk similar injuries to a pedestrian accident. Defects on a sidewalk can also cause a bike crash.

Playground Equipment Accidents

Whether your child is playing on a playset in your backyard, a neighbor’s house, or at a public park, the playground equipment could be defective, which can result in falls and other serious wounds.

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