Jackson Premises Liability Claims Attorney

Jackson Premises Liability Claims Attorney

Premises liability claims relate to accidents that are caused by the negligence of commercial property owners or managers. When a property owner or manager fails to safely maintain his or her premises, it can lead to dangerous accidents and serious injuries. Commercial property owners owe their visitors a duty of care that includes maintaining reasonably safe premises, and if you’ve been injured by a property owner who fell short on this responsibility, it’s time to consult with an experienced Jackson premises liability lawyer.

Premises Liability: The Basics

Every premises liability claim is unique in terms of the circumstances involved, but the following represent the most common types of premises liability claims:

  • Floors that are made slippery by spills or tracked in rain, ice, and/or debris (such as leaves)
  • Sidewalks and pavement that is cracked, uneven, buckled, broken, or otherwise dangerously worn
  • Building code violations left unattended to
  • Elevators or escalators that are poorly maintained and/or that malfunction
  • Inadequate maintenance in general
  • Known hazards or dangers that are not adequately marked with warning signs

The level of duty owed to you by the property owner or manager in question is guided by what the majority of owners of similar properties would do in similar situations. If the property owner’s actions fall outside of these parameters, he or she can be found responsible for the injuries you’ve sustained.

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