Jackson Rental Car Accident Attorney

Jackson Rental Car Accident Attorney

Being able to rent a car when you need one is great, but rental car accidents are a whole other ballgame. While your rental car accident is singular to the unique circumstances involved, there are some basic first steps you should take if a negligent driver leaves you injured in such an accident, and the first one is consulting with an experienced Jackson rental car accident lawyer.

Steps to Take

If you’ve been injured by a motorist in a rental car, taking the following steps is critical to your ability to fully recover on your losses:

  • Safely move as far out of the way of oncoming traffic as you possibly can, call 911, and provide whatever aid you can (if it is needed).
  • Seek the medical attention you need. If you’re offered emergency care or transportation at the scene, accept it. If not, make your own doctor appointment right away.
  • Answer any questions asked of you by officers on the scene truthfully but succinctly (no need to elaborate excessively). Other than this (and exchanging insurance and contact information with the at-fault driver), it is a good idea to keep your thoughts to yourself.
  • Lay low on social media (posts can come back to haunt your accident claim).
  • Allow your experienced rental car accident attorney to skillfully guide you through the claims process.

Don’t Put off Consulting with an Experienced Jackson Rental Car Accident Lawyer

At the law offices of Ben F. Windham, PC, our Jackson rental car accident attorneys are well-positioned to help guide your claim toward its best possible resolution. Your claim is important, and we can help, so please don’t wait to contact us online or call us at 833-236-9467 to schedule your free consultation and learn more about what we can do for you today.