Jonesboro Car Accident Attorney

Jonesboro Car Accident Attorney

The aftermath of a sudden car crash can be chaotic and confusing. Without even realizing it, many people make mistakes in the minutes and hours following their accidents that can impact their future injury claims. It is important to stay calm and take certain steps to protect your legal rights.

Call 911

Some accident victims hesitate to call 911 for various reasons. However, calling the authorities immediately can ensure the right medical personnel arrive and assess whether you and others need emergency help. If someone else caused the accident, you want the police to arrive and determine whether a driver should be cited or arrested, as well as prepare and file an accident report for you.

Get Medical Help

Never assume that it is “normal” to feel stiff, sore, or disoriented after a collision. These can be signs of injuries that can worsen over time. If you do not require ambulance transportation, but you feel pain or anything out of the ordinary, go to the emergency room or doctor to get your injuries diagnosed. This ensures that you get proper treatment, as well as have records of your diagnosis to provide to auto insurance companies.

Speak with a Jonesboro Car Accident Attorney

When your immediate health conditions are addressed and stable, you should not put off consulting with a lawyer who can evaluate your rights and options. If someone else should be liable for your losses, your attorney can gather evidence and file the necessary insurance claims to seek the compensation you deserve.

Discuss Your Rights with a Jonesboro Car Accident Lawyer

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