Jonesboro Georgia Boat Accident Attorney

Jonesboro Georgia Boat Accident Attorney

Boating is a great way to enjoy Georgia’s beautiful waterways, but boat accidents are far too common and far too dangerous. Too often, the person manning a boat is more concerned with relaxing on the water than in maneuvering the vessel safely, and serious accidents are often the result. If someone else’s negligence leaves you injured in a boat accident, seek the professional legal counsel of an experienced Jonesboro boat accident attorney.

Factors that Commonly Contribute to Boat Accidents

While no two boat accidents are ever identical, there are a variety of factors that often play a role, including:

  • When a boat’s skipper fails to take the responsibility of driving the boat seriously enough, it can have terrible consequences. The same forms of negligence that are common to motorists on our roadways are also common to those manning boats, including distraction, impairment, exhaustion, aggression, and excess speed.
  • Boats that are not well maintained and/or that do not have all the required safety equipment on board make accidents not only more likely but also more dangerous.
  • Waterways are even less predictable than the roadways we navigate, which makes paying keen attention to what’s happening on the water paramount. Any lapses can prove deadly.

A final note from the United States Coast Guard is that, in 2020, alcohol continued to be the primary contributing factor in fatal boat accidents.

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