Jonesboro Georgia Product Liability Attorney

Jonesboro Georgia Product Liability Attorney

When a consumer product leaves you injured – instead of it performing as advertised – it can be difficult to wrap your head around it. The fact is that manufacturers are often far more interested in profits than they are in safety, and consumers can pay the painful price. If you’ve been injured by a faulty consumer good, look to an experienced Jonesboro product liability attorney for the legal help you need.

Product Liability Claims

Product liability claims in Georgia address defective products that fall into three basic categories.

Faulty by Design

Some consumer goods shouldn’t have been manufactured in the first place because the designs they are based upon are flawed. Examples include:

  • Poorly designed safety guards that fail to offer protection
  • Furniture that is structurally unstable and prone to falling over
  • Toys for young children that incorporate small parts, which serve as choking hazards
  • Clothing that is exceptionall flammable

Damaged During the Manufacturing Process

Some products are based on sound designs but are rendered dangerous during the manufacturing process. A prime example is a drug that is tainted with a contaminate during its manufacture.

Inadequate Warning or Instruction

Certain consumer goods are safe to use only when the people using them know how to do so safely and have been duly warned about the danger involved. For example, when a power tool doesn’t have adequate instructions and/or warning labels, it can lead to serious accidents.

Look No Further than an Experienced Jonesboro Product Liability Attorney for the Legal Guidance You Need

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