Jonesboro Georgia Wrongful Death Attorney

Jonesboro Georgia Wrongful Death Attorney

There are few legal claims that are more devastating than those involving losing a loved one to someone else’s negligence. While a wrongful death settlement can’t return your loved one to you – or right the wrong you’ve suffered – just compensation can help you and your family move forward toward healing. If you’ve lost a family member to someone else’s negligence – or worse – you need the professional legal counsel of an experienced Jonesboro wrongful death attorney.

Your Georgia Wrongful Death Claim

In the State of Georgia, those who have the legal right to file a wrongful death claim on behalf of their lost loved one (who is referred to as the decedent) include:

  • The decedent’s surviving spouse
  • The decedent’s surviving children
  • The decedent’s surviving parents

Absent these survivors, an executor of the decedent’s estate can file the claim on behalf of the decedent’s next of kin.

Compensation for losses (or legal damages) in Georgia wrongful death cases are intended to cover the full value of the life of the decedent and can include:

  • The lost wages, benefits, and services that he or she would have reasonably expected to earn if he or she had survived
  • The care, companionship, advice, and counsel that was lost when the decedent died

There are also covered losses that address related expenses to the decedent’s estate, including:

  • The medical costs he or she incurred prior to succumbing to his or her fatal injuries
  • The cost of his or her funeral and burial
  • Any other expenses associated with the injuries and subsequent death the decedent incurred

An Experienced Jonesboro Wrongful Death Attorney Has the Legal Savvy to Help

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