Jonesboro Product Liability Attorney

Jonesboro Product Liability Attorney

We purchase consumer products in good faith that they will do what they are intended to do and won’t leave us harmed in the process. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers of consumer goods are as conscientious and/or careful as they should be, and serious injuries can be the result. If you or someone you love has been injured by a dangerously designed or defective purchase, you need an accomplished Jonesboro product liability lawyer in your corner.

A Product Liability Claim

Every product liability claim is unique to its own set of circumstances, but there are some basic elements that must be present, including:

  • The product that caused you to be injured – no matter what it is – was in essentially the same condition that it was in at the time it was manufactured. This means that it hadn’t been damaged or otherwise altered in the interim.
  • The product that caused you to be injured was based on a flawed design, was rendered defective during the manufacturing process, or failed to include adequate warnings and/or safety instructions.
  • The defect or flaw in the consumer good was the direct cause of the injuries you suffered.
  • At the time that the consumer product caused you to be injured, you were using it for a purpose and in a way that the manufacturer intended consumers to use it – or in a way that the manufacturer should have considered foreseeable.

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