Jonesboro Rental Car Accident Attorney

Jonesboro Rental Car Accident Attorney

When you’re in an unfamiliar city – whether for work or fun – a rental car offers you the freedom to get around on your own schedule, which is extremely convenient. The fact is, however, that, when accidents involving rental cars happen, there is an additional layer of complication involved. If you’re injured by another driver’s negligence in a rental car accident, you need an experienced rental car accident lawyer in Jonesboro on your side.

Rental Car Accidents and Insurance

When it comes to rental car accidents, the issue of insurance coverage can become very confusing very quickly. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Rental Car Insurance – When you rent a car, the rental car company will offer you insurance coverage, and the kind of coverage you’ll have depends upon the type of insurance you purchase at this time. The kinds of coverage offered typically include a collision waiver (which means you’re off the hook for any damage to the vehicle that may occur while it’s in your possession), liability coverage, personal accident coverage (which means you and your passengers medical costs, and personal effects coverage) (which means coverage for you and your passengers for any loss of personal property in the vehicle). Much of your rental coverage can overlap with your personal insurance policy.
  • Your Personal Car Insurance – Your own car insurance policy will likely include liability for any accidents involving a rental car and may include comprehensive and collision coverage. Because policies vary, it’s important to know your rental coverage ahead of time.
  • Coverage through Your Credit Card – Depending upon the card you use to pay for your rental, you may have coverage through the card (with the exception of liability coverage if you cause the accident).
  • The At-Fault Driver’s Insurance – If you’re injured by an at-fault driver who’s behind the wheel of a rental car, your claim may proceed through his or her rental coverage or personal policy or both.

The question of coverage, alone, can make a rental car accident highly complicated from the outset.

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