Jonesboro Wrongful Death Attorney

Jonesboro Wrongful Death Attorney

When another party is responsible for causing the tragic death of your close family member, the law might allow you to seek compensation for many of your financial and intangible losses. Once you determine that you are eligible to file a wrongful death claim, how do you go about doing so? It is important to have the help of a Jonesboro wrongful death lawyer who will handle the entire process for you.

Preparing Your Claim

You want to file the most persuasive claim with the liable party’s insurance company to prevent unnecessary delays or denials. Your attorney will:

  • Calculate the full value of your damages to claim
  • Gather evidence of liability for your loved one’s death
  • File the claim and supporting information with all insurance companies that should be liable

Negotiating Your Claim

Insurance companies are not on your side – not even in cases involving a tragic death. They will try to get you to accept settlements that are much lower than you and your family deserves. You want to have an attorney to review settlement offers and negotiate for more money when necessary. Your lawyer should continue negotiations until the insurer offers you the full amount needed to cover your losses.

Escalating Your Claim

In some situations, insurance companies will not offer what you deserve. If this happens, your lawyer can file a wrongful death lawsuit in civil court. You only have a limited amount of time to file a case, however, so you want to get this process started as soon as possible.

Seek the Help You Need from a Jonesboro Wrongful Death Lawyer

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