Lawmakers Trying to Reduce Nursing Home Neglect in Georgia

Lawmakers Trying to Reduce Nursing Home Neglect in Georgia

After the Atlanta Journal-Constitution released a study revealing shocking discoveries about neglect in Georgia nursing homes and adult care facilities, legislators have proposed a bill aimed at improving care in these facilities. The proposed law would increase penalties for harm to residents, require facilities to prove financial stability, require administrators to obtain new licenses, and more. We will keep an eye on the path of this proposal and whether the state will increase protections for vulnerable nursing home residents.

Nursing Home Neglect

As the nursing home population is increasing, many facilities are understaffed and underfunded. Many staff members are not properly trained or supervised, resulting in inadequate treatment of residents by staff on duty. Some forms of nursing home neglect that can result in serious injuries to residents include:

  • Failing to respond when there is a medical emergency
  • Not treating medical conditions or properly administering medication
  • Failing to provide assistance to residents who cannot move around by themselves
  • Not having sanitary conditions and allowing soiled bedding or clothing
  • Failing to move patients to prevent bedsores
  • Depriving residents of necessary hydration or nutrition
  • Leaving residents isolated for long and unnecessary periods of time
  • Not taking steps to prevent violence from other residents or visitors

Any of the above can cause medical complications, physical harm, and/or mental trauma to residents. All of these injuries are preventable, and facilities should be held fully accountable when a resident sustains unnecessary harm.

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