Lawrenceville Taxicab Accident Attorney

Lawrenceville Taxicab Accident Attorney

Taxicabs are an excellent way to get around when you are away from home. While having your own personal, professional driver whenever you need one is unbelievably convenient, taxicab accidents are often quite dangerous and quite complex.

Negligence and Taxi Accidents

When it comes to taxicab accidents, there are plenty of forms of negligence to go around. Consider all of the following:

  • Taxi drivers are responsible for closely adhering to all of the safety rules and regulations of the road (including the enhanced restrictions related to professional drivers). Negligent taxicab drivers are often the cause of serious cab accidents, however, and such negligence can take the form of aggression, exhaustion, impairment, distraction, excess speed, and more.
  • Taxi companies can also shoulder a good deal of liability when it comes to taxicab accidents. Their responsibilities include hiring safe, experienced, and licensed taxicab drivers; hiring safe, reliable, and licensed mechanics to work on their fleet of cabs; ensuring that the taxis they send out are in safe, working order; and not pushing their cabbies to engage in practices that exceed the limits of safe professional driving (including those restrictions related to hours of service).
  • The manufacturers of the taxis themselves are responsible for designing safe vehicles and for manufacturing safe vehicles that are both roadworthy and reliable. The same is also true of the manufacturers of taxi parts.

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