Lawrenceville Truck Accident Attorney

Lawrenceville Truck Accident Attorney

Truck accidents involve massive vehicles that are many, many times larger than the cars we drive, and this size differential helps to ensure that truck accidents are extremely dangerous accidents. Truck drivers are professional drivers who are held to more restrictive safety regulations, and while trucker negligence is often the impetus behind serious truck accidents, the trucking company can also share the liability (or be fully responsible) for such accidents.

Truck Drivers and Negligence

Truck drivers are responsible for sharing the roads safety with all the vehicles on our roadways, and neglecting to do so is often precipitated by the following:

  • Truck Driver Distraction
  • Truck Driver Exhaustion
  • Truck Driver Impairment
  • Truck Driver Aggression

Any one of these forms of negligence can lead to life-threatening accidents.

The Trucking Company and Negligence

The trucking company also bears an immense amount of responsibility for helping to keep our roadways safe for all, including all of the following:

  • Maintaining a safe fleet of 18-wheelers
  • Hiring safe, experienced truck drivers who have the requisite licensure
  • Hiring experienced truck mechanics who have the requisite licensure
  • Closely adhering to the safety mandates that guide the trucking industry, including the hours-of-service restrictions that are intended to keep exhausted truckers off our roads

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