Lilburn Rental Car Accident Attorney

Lilburn Rental Car Accident Attorney

If you travel for work, pleasure, or both, being able to rent a car at the other end of a flight is a true convenience that allows you the freedom of having your own transportation. Accidents involving rental cars, however, are a bit more complicated and require the professional legal guidance of an experienced rental car lawyer in Lilburn to help ensure that you obtain the compensation to which you are entitled.

Rental Car Accidents and Insurance

One of the most complicating factors involved in rental car accidents is the issue of car insurance, and any of the following can apply:

  • If the driver of the rental car that leaves you injured purchased additional coverage at the time he or she rented the vehicle, your car accident claim will process through this coverage. Additionally, the car rental company typically includes some minimal coverage with the rental. In other words, coverage depends upon a variety of factors that include how much coverage – if any– the motorist purchased with the rental.
  • The driver’s credit card that he or she used to pay for the rental likely offers some additional coverage.
  • Finally, the driver’s own car insurance policy will need to kick in where the other coverage ends.

Because there may be multiple insurance companies involved, it can make the claims process for rental car accidents that much more arduous. Obtaining the compensation that you need and to which you are entitled, however, is far too important not to hotly pursue that compensation via every means available to you, including working closely with an experienced rental car accident lawyer.

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