Lithonia Burn Injury Attorneys

Lithonia Burn Injury Attorneys

Anyone who has suffered a burn knows how painful this type of injury can be. Even a minor burn can cause serious pain and have risks of infection, and more severe burns will require a lengthy and highly difficult recovery process. Burns sometimes happen for purely accidental reasons, though some occur due to the negligence of another person or company. If you sustained a serious burn and needed medical treatment, and you believe someone else might be at fault, you should always have a burn injury lawyer in Lithonia evaluate your rights.

Treatment for Burn Injuries

Minor burns can often be treated at home, though second or third-degree burns should always be examined by a medical professional. These are burns that damage multiple layers of skin or even the tissue below your skin. In many cases, victims of severe burns will need to spend an extended period of time in the hospital or a burn center. Treatment can include:

  • Infection prevention and monitoring for infections
  • Allowing time for the burned tissue to heal
  • Conducting skin grafts from healthy skin on the body
  • Amputations of body parts that will not heal
  • Pain management
  • Reparative surgeries to reduce disfigurement

Often, even with the best treatment available, burn victims will be left with permanent disfigurement or disabilities. For this reason and due to the difficult recovery process, burn victims often suffer psychological injuries, as well. If someone else was responsible for your burn injury, you deserve compensation for all of your losses.

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