Loganville Product Liability Attorney

Loganville Product Liability Attorney

Whether you’re purchasing a new appliance for your home, toys for your kids, a new cosmetic item for you, or anything else, the last thing you expect is to be injured by the item that you’ve purchased. If you are so injured, however, you’re in a difficult situation, but an experienced product liability lawyer in Loganville can help.

Product Defects

The products we purchase can be defective on a variety of different levels. Consider all of the following:

  • Some products are based on faulty designs, which leave the product itself faulty and potentially dangerous.
  • Some products are based on sound designs, but there is a flaw in the manufacturing process that leaves the product dangerously defective.
  • Some products are dangerous in and of themselves and require adequate warning labels to alert consumers to how they should be used in order to help limit the danger. A good example is an electric tool, which can obviously be very dangerous in the hands of a child or if it’s not used according to the necessary safety practices.

Your Product Liability Claim

If you’ve been injured by a defective product, the following elements must be represented in your claim:

  • The product in question was defective (or faultily designed) when you purchased it.
  • Your injury is the direct result of the product’s defect or design flaw.
  • The product that injured you was in basically the same condition that it was in when it left the factory.
  • You were using the product in the manner that it was intended to be used when it caused you to be injured.

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