Loganville Rental Car Accident Attorney

Loganville Rental Car Accident Attorney

When you fly into a new city, it’s nice to know that you have a rental car waiting at your destination. Rental cars provide us with the freedom that comes from having our own wheels even when we’re out of town. Accident claims involving rental cars, however, are often even more complicated than other kinds of car accident claims and tend to require the professional legal counsel of experienced rental car accident lawyers in Loganville.

It All Boils Down to Insurance

No matter what kind of traffic accident you’re involved in, obtaining the compensation you need to make your fullest recovery requires going through the involved insurance company. When it comes to rental car accidents, however, determining which insurance company – or insurance companies – are the involved companies can be tricky. Consider the following:

  • The motorist who rents the car receives some insurance with that transaction and is offered additional coverage for purchase. This coverage can be quite comprehensive and may cover the complete range of damages associated with any ensuing accident.
  • The credit card that the motorist renting the car uses for the transaction will likely provide some augmentative coverage in case of an accident. This coverage varies considerably across cards.
  • The personal insurance policy of the motorist who rents the car will come into play where the other forms of coverage leave off.

Don’t Wait to Consult with an Experienced Rental Car Accident Lawyer in Loganville

If the negligence of a driver in a rental car leaves you injured, the experienced Loganville rental car accident attorneys at the law offices of Ben F. Windham, PC, have the extensive experience, knowledge, and resources necessary to help guide your claim toward a resolution that leaves you fully compensated. We are standing by to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact or call us at 833.236.9467 to schedule a free consultation today.