Losses from an Accidental Back Injury

Losses from an Accidental Back Injury

Back injuries can be especially frustrating and painful, and if your back injury is the result of someone else’s negligence, it can make the matter that much more difficult. Back injuries can lead to significant losses, and obtaining just compensation for your complete accident-related damages is the best way to help ensure that you’re able to reach your fullest recovery. Fortunately, an experienced Covington personal injury lawyer can help you with that.

Your Losses

If someone else’s negligence leaves you with a back injury, you can experience all of the following losses (which translate to the damages for which you will pursue compensation in your personal injury claim):

  • Medical Expenses – Back injuries can lead to chronic pain that requires ongoing medical treatment and care, such as physical therapy and specialized pain treatment. Back injuries are closely associated with a significant decrease in range of motion.
  • Lost Earnings – While you recover from your back injury, you’re likely to experience lost hours on the job and associated lost earnings. Further, if your back injury leads to chronic pain, you could be facing future losses in terms of days lost on the job in the future. If your work involves a significant amount of physical labor, such as construction work, a back injury can upend your career.
  • Pain and Suffering – As noted, back injuries can be exceptionally painful physically. There is also, however, emotional pain to consider. Being injured in a violent traffic accident or frightening slip and fall can lead to significant emotional consequences. If your injury interferes with your ability to participate in those activities you enjoy, for instance, it can be particularly difficult to overcome.

An Experienced Covington Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

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