Macon Brain and Spinal Injury Attorney

Macon Brain and Spinal Injury Attorney

Brain and spinal cord injuries are often life-altering, even in milder cases. In many instances, victims are unable to return to the lives they lived before their accidents and have lifelong medical issues that require ongoing care. Thankfully, when these injuries are caused by the negligence of other people, victims can usually recover compensation by filing a personal injury claim.

Let’s take a look at how a serious brain or spinal injury could affect you.

Long-Term Disabilities

Brain and spinal cord injuries have the potential to leave victims with significant disabilities. Brain injuries can cause issues like difficulties communicating, solving problems, regulating your emotions, and making decisions. On the other hand, spinal cord injuries have the potential to result in complete paralysis below the site of the injury.

Medical Expenses

Unsurprisingly, both brain and spinal cord injuries can leave victims with incredibly high medical expenses. Not only is the initial treatment of these injuries usually very expensive, but victims may also have ongoing medical costs related to their injuries for the rest of their lives.

Limitations on Everyday Life and Work

After a serious brain or spine injury, it can be difficult or even impossible to perform certain tasks or engage in activities you once enjoyed. In many cases, victims are unable to return to the work they performed before their accident and may never be able to work again. Fortunately, lost income – including future lost income – is recoverable in a Georgia personal injury claim.

Learn How a Macon Brain and Spinal Injury Lawyer Can Help

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