Macon Burn Injury Attorney

Macon Burn Injury Attorney

If someone else’s negligence causes you to be burned in an accident, you have endured a horrific experience. Burn injuries can be extremely painful, slow to heal, and often lead to serious health complications. If you’ve suffered a burn injury as the result of someone else’s negligence, you shouldn’t proceed without the professional legal counsel of an experienced burn injury lawyer in Macon.

Serious Injuries: Serious Complications

A serious burn is likely to leave you with serious health complications that can include:

  • Breathing issues related to the inhalation of smoke and hot air
  • Bacterial infections in the underlying tissue, muscle, and even bone that can lead to serious health consequences like sepsis, which can be fatal
  • Dangerously low blood volume related to loss of fluid and low body temps
  • Bone and joint problems caused by scar tissue that leaves the skin in the burned area both tightened and shortened
  • An overgrowth of scar tissue that leads to patches of ridged skin

In addition to all of these significant complications, a serious burn on or near the face can cause permanent disfigurement.

Accidents that Commonly Cause Burn Injuries

While you may think burns only occur in accidents that involve fire, this simply isn’t the case. Nearly any kind of traffic accident can lead to serious burn injuries, and this can be due to any of the following:

  • Steam and/or hot liquid that escapes from a vehicle’s engine
  • Surfaces, such as metal and glass, that heat up in the course of the accident
  • Electrical injuries due to exposed wires
  • Strong toxins that are released in a vehicle’s gas leak
  • A car engine that explodes into fire

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