Macon Ga Taxi Accident Attorney

Macon Ga Taxi Accident Attorney

Taxis are great when you need them, but taxi accidents can be even more challenging than other car accidents. If you find yourself in the difficult situation of being injured by someone else’s negligence in a taxi accident, an experienced Macon taxi accident attorney is standing by to help.

Seeking the Compensation to Which You Are Entitled

If you are injured by someone else’s negligence in a taxi accident, you will need to address the issue of whether the taxi company’s insurance and/or the driver’s own commercial insurance is liable. Ensuring that your losses (or legal damages) are well represented is another challenge. These losses fall into three basic classifications (in addition to property damage to your vehicle).

Medical Bills

The medical bills you face after a taxi accident can be immense – and ongoing. Consider the following common expenses:

  • Emergency care
  • Surgical care
  • Hospital care
  • Care from doctors and specialists
  • Pain management
  • Medical tests, procedures, and treatments
  • Physical and/or occupational therapy
  • Rehabilitation

Lost Wages

While you are regaining your health and well-being, you’re likely to experience lost earnings related to lost hours on the job. This economic downturn can be even more significant if your earning potential takes a hit.

Physical and Psychological Pain and Suffering

The physical and emotional pain and suffering you are forced to endure can prove exceptionally challenging to move past.

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