Macon Georgia Boat Accident Attorney

Macon Georgia Boat Accident Attorney

Getting out and enjoying the sun and surf is a rite of passage here in Georgia, but boat accidents are as common as they are extremely serious. When a leisure activity like boating turns dangerous, it’s a serious matter that requires an experienced Macon boat accident attorney.

Boat Accidents: How They Happen

No two boat accidents are ever exactly alike, but boat accidents tend to be caused by common forms of negligence, including:

  • Operators who fail to take their responsibility to guide their boats safely seriously enough
  • Operators who fail to pay adequate attention to the waterway ahead (distractions such as the boat’s party vibe and smartphone usage are especially dangerous)
  • Operators who fail to recognize that impairment behind the wheel of a boat is just as dangerous as it is behind the wheel of a car
  • Operators who fail to recognize that excess speed on the water is every bit as dangerous as it is on the road.
  • Boats that are not adequately equipped with the required safety gear (for the number of passengers on board)

Boat Accidents and Loss

The loss associated with boat accidents can be immense. To begin, there is always the very real risk of drowning in a boat accident. Common losses covered by boat accident claims include:

  • Property damage to the boat itself
  • Medical costs
  • Lost earnings while off the job
  • Physical and emotional pain and suffering

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