Macon Georgia Bus Accident Attorney

Macon Georgia Bus Accident Attorney

When you think about buses, you think about a whole lot of convenience – and not about the dangers associated with bus accidents. Bus accidents, however, happen, and because of the massive size of these vehicles and the number of passengers they carry, bus accidents tend to be quite dangerous. If someone else’s negligence leaves you injured in a bus accident, it’s time to consult with an experienced Macon bus accident attorney.

Bus Drivers

Bus drivers – like all other motorists out there – owe a significant duty of care (or responsibility) to everyone else on the road. And because they are professional drivers, they are held to even more exacting safety standards. Unfortunately, however, bus drivers are as susceptible to driver negligence in all its forms as anyone else. Consider the following:

  • Distraction – Bus drivers shoulder a hefty responsibility to safety, and there is no additional space for distraction of any kind. When a bus driver’s attention is not trained on safely maneuvering the road ahead, he or she increases the risk factor significantly.
  • Exhaustion – Spending long hours behind the wheel of a bus can be grueling, and exhausted bus drivers are more dangerous bus drivers.
  • Excess Speed – Bus drivers have to do a lot of stopping and starting and pulling in and out of traffic, which exacerbates the danger associated with excess speed. Bus drivers are responsible not only for observing the speed limit but also for adjusting their speed downward in relation to the condition of the road.

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