Macon Georgia Nursing Home Neglect/Abuse Attorney

Macon Georgia Nursing Home Neglect/Abuse Attorney

It’s difficult to think about some of the most vulnerable among us – the elderly – suffering from either neglect or abuse in the nursing home facility that was hired to provide them with the care they need to live as fully as possible. Unfortunately, nursing home neglect and abuse are all too real, and if your loved one has been victimized in this way, you are well-advised to reach out to an experienced Macon nursing home neglect/abuse attorney.

Is It Neglect or Is it Abuse?

The truth is that both nursing home neglect and abuse are extremely dangerous, but only nursing home abuse includes the element of intention. Nursing home abuse happens when the residential facility involved purposefully inflicts harm on your loved one, which is as difficult to comprehend as it is heartbreaking. Nursing home neglect, on the other hand, refers to harm caused by the nursing home’s failure to provide necessary care and attention. Common forms of nursing home neglect include:

  • Failure to provide adequate meals, fluids, or both
  • Failure to ensure residents have ample opportunities to socialize meaningfully
  • Failure to provide adequate aid related to mobility
  • Failure to keep the resident’s living quarters clean and sanitary
  • Failure to offer residents ample opportunities to engage in stimulating forms of recreation and other activities

Experienced Macon Nursing Home Neglect/Abuse Attorneys Care

The savvy Macon nursing home neglect/abuse attorneys at the law offices of Ben F. Windham, PC, in Cobb County understand how emotionally challenging cases involving nursing home neglect and abuse are, and we’re fully prepared to skillfully advocate for your loved one’s legal rights. Please contact or call us at 833.236.9467 to schedule your free consultation today.