Macon Georgia Product Liability Attorney

Macon Georgia Product Liability Attorney

Product liability claims relate to instances in which consumer products harm those who purchase them. When you purchase something for yourself, your family, or your home, you might concern yourself with the value for the dollar, but you are unlikely to be overly concerned about how safe it is. Unfortunately, there are all too many instances when consumer goods do prove dangerous – for a variety of reasons – and the consumers themselves tend to pay the serious price attached. If you or someone important to you has been harmed by a manufacturer’s negligence, seeking the skilled legal guidance of an experienced Macon product liability attorney is the best course of action.

Forms that the Manufacturer’s Negligence Can Take

Product liability claims divide into three basic categories of negligence. Consider the following:


  • The consumer good is based on a dangerous design right out of the gate. Sometimes, manufacturers are more focused on dollar signs than they are on safety, and they do not even bother to ensure that a product’s design is safe before cranking it out. Such products are made according to plan, but the plan is flawed.
  • The consumer good is tainted during the manufacturing process. Some consumer products are based on safe designs and are safe when manufactured according to plan, but they are rendered unsafe during the manufacturing process (such as a drug that is laced with a contaminant during manufacture).
  • The consumer good does not have the necessary warnings or instructions to help ensure that consumers use it safely. Some consumer goods, like power tools, are obviously dangerous without the appropriate instructions and warnings.


It’s Time to Reach Out to an Experienced Macon Product Liability Attorney

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