Macon Georgia Uber Accident Attorney

Macon Georgia Uber Accident Attorney

Uber accidents are just as dangerous as every other kind of traffic accident out there, but they come with the additional concern of which insurance company to go after in your quest to obtain just compensation that covers your full range of losses. While Uber accidents are often legally challenging, an experienced Macon Uber accident attorney has what it takes to help.

The Uber Driver Is off the App

Uber drivers tend to toggle back and forth between rideshare apps, and this fact can lead to complications of its own. If the Uber driver has left the Uber app – even momentarily – and is not on another rideshare app at the time of the accident that leaves you injured, you will file a car accident claim that is just like any other with the driver’s personal insurance company.

The Uber Driver Has No Passengers

If the Uber driver who causes you to be injured is on the Uber app but is in rideshare limbo – which means that he or she is waiting to be assigned a passenger for pickup – Uber’s robust insurance coverage will kick in at the point that the driver’s personal coverage taps out.

The Uber Driver Is All Business

If either of the following applies, Uber’s robust coverage will be in play, and your claim will proceed through Uber’s own insurance provider:

  • The Uber driver has an Uber passenger on board.
  • The Uber driver is on his or her way to pick up an Uber passenger.

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