A Macon Motorcycle Accident Attorney Is Standing by to Help

A Macon Motorcycle Accident Attorney Is Standing by to Help

If you ride a motorcycle, you know the thrill of the open road. Unfortunately, however, motorcycle accidents represent some of the most dangerous crashes on our roads. If another driver’s negligence causes you to be injured in a motorcycle accident, look no further than an experienced Macon motorcycle accident attorney for the legal guidance you need.

If You Ride, You’re at Risk

The fact is that if you ride, you are at increased risk of being injured in a traffic accident. In fact, the National Safety Council (NSC) finds that, although only 3 percent of all the registered vehicles on our roads are motorcycles, 14 percent of all deadly traffic accidents are motorcycle accidents. When you’re on your bike, you assume greater risk.

Staying Safe Out There

When you’re on your bike, always make safety your top concern by adhering to all the following safety tips:

  • Wear a well-fitting motorcycle helmet and don protective gear every time you get on your bike.
  • Assume that other motorists don’t see you (the sad truth is that far too many are far too distracted to pay adequate attention).
  • Keep your bike in safe working condition and be vigilant about regularly scheduled maintenance.
  • Be hyper-aware of other driver’s blind spots and spend as little time in them as possible.
  • Remember that when you’re on your bike, you’re more vulnerable to the dangers associated with bad weather and poorly maintained roads.

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