Macon Premises Liability Claims Attorney

Macon Premises Liability Claims Attorney

If a property owner or manager’s negligence causes you to be injured, seeking the compensation to which you are entitled can be exceedingly complicated. Your rights and rightful compensation, however, are too important to leave to chance, and you need an experienced Macon premises liability claims accident attorney in your corner.

The Duty of Care Owed You

When you go to a store to pick up necessities, grab lunch at your favorite restaurant, attend a medical appointment, or engage in any other activity as a customer, client, or guest, you are owed a duty of care. This duty refers to the property owner or manager’s responsibility to take the necessary reasonable precautions to allow for your safe passage. Reasonable here refers to what the majority of reasonable property owners would do in a similar situation. If you were injured as a result of a risk or danger on the property that the owner or manager knew about – or reasonably should have known about – but failed to take the necessary precautions, you should consult with an experienced premises liability claims accident attorney.

Common Causes

A primary category of premises liability claims is slip and falls, and all of the following are common causes of these dangerous accidents:

  • Inadequate lighting
  • Uneven, broken, or otherwise inferior outdoor walkways
  • Uneven or otherwise unsafe entrances
  • Flooring that is poorly secured; bunched, torn, ripped, or otherwise dangerously worn; or overly slippery
  • Spills that are left unattended

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