A Macon Rental Car Accident Lawyer Can Answer Your Questions

A Macon Rental Car Accident Lawyer Can Answer Your Questions

If someone else’s negligence leaves you injured in a rental car accident, knowing how best to proceed can be a challenge. You’re injured, and the medical bills that continue piling up don’t help the situation. While rental car accidents come with additional challenges, an experienced Macon rental car accident lawyer has the knowledge and legal skill to help.


If you’ve been injured in a rental car accident, you no doubt have questions, and the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions may help.

Does the rental car company’s insurance cover accidents?

The at-fault motorist who was driving the rental car received some liability coverage with the rental and had the option to purchase more. As such, the rental car company’s insurance may be responsible for all or part of your claim. There is also the chance that the driver has additional coverage through the credit card that he or she used to rent the car.

Will the driver’s own policy come into play?

If the at-fault driver didn’t purchase additional liability coverage at the time of rental, you will likely file your claim with both the rental car company and the driver’s providers.

What should I do if I’m injured by someone driving a rental car?

The most important steps you can take if you are harmed in a rental car accident include seeking the medical care you need and consulting with an experienced rental car accident lawyer. Carefully following your doctor’s advice and working closely with your lawyer will help protect your health and your rightful compensation.

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