Madison Truck Accident Attorney

Madison Truck Accident Attorney

If you have been injured by a truck driver’s negligence in a truck accident, you face a difficult journey forward toward renewed health and well-being. Obtaining just compensation is critical to this process, and an experienced Madison truck accident lawyer can help.

Truck Driver Negligence

Truck accidents are often the result of truck driver negligence, which can come in a variety of dangerous forms.


Truck drivers are professional drivers, and maneuvering their rigs safely over our roadways is a complicated task that leaves no room for distraction. Increasingly, one of the most common and the most dangerous distractions behind the wheel is texting.


The State of Georgia and the federal government have no tolerance for impaired truck drivers (who put all of us at seriously increased risk of being injured).


There are careful hours-of-service restrictions on the books that are intended to help ensure that truckers don’t push themselves beyond the limits of exhaustion and safety.

Excess Speed

The dangerous effects of truck drivers who drive too fast are twofold, including:

  • Excess speed increases the risk that truck accidents will happen.
  • Excess speed increases the risk that truck accidents will be deadly.

It’s important to note that driving at a safe speed is relative. The set speed limit is intended for when conditions are near perfect, and every truck driver is responsible for decreasing his or her rig’s speed in accordance with the conditions on the ground, including accounting for the effects of bad weather.

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