Milledgeville Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Milledgeville Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycles offer us a sense of freedom, are a green alternative, and make parking much easier in many situations. Motorcycle accidents, on the other hand, are among the most dangerous accidents on our roads. When you’re on your bike, little to nothing comes between you and the impact of a crash, often resulting in severe injuries. If another driver’s negligence leaves you injured in a motorcycle crash, an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Milledgeville can help.

Motorcycle Accidents: Common Causes

Motorcycle accidents happen for any number of reasons, but there are some basic causes that commonly apply, including:

  • Negligent motorists often fail to pay attention to motorcycles with whom they share the road. When drivers change lanes, pass other vehicles, and merge without taking the time to pay careful attention to the traffic all around them, motorcyclists can pay the price.
  • Motorcycles can have defective parts that malfunction and lead to crashes. Such parts can include tires, brakes, steering columns, and more. Manufacturers should be liable for any injuries caused by defective motorcycle parts.
  • Bad weather leaves motorcyclists even more vulnerable to serious accidents. Always err on the side of caution when you face inclement weather on your bike. Other motorists who refuse to drive in accordance with the road’s condition can be especially dangerous for bikers.

No matter what caused your accident, negligent drivers or companies should be held responsible for your medical bills and other losses.

An Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Milledgeville Can Help

If another party’s negligence leaves you injured in a motorcycle accident, you need an experienced Milledgeville motorcycle accident attorney at the law offices of Ben F. Windham, PC, on your side. Our dedicated legal team has the experience, commitment, and resources to fight for your case’s most positive resolution. We’re here to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at 833.236.9467 to schedule a free consultation today.