Morgan County Lyft Accident Attorney

Morgan County Lyft Accident Attorney

When you need a ride, Lyft and other rideshare companies are at the ready. The convenience of hailing your own personal driver with the touch of an app is difficult to beat, but Lyft accidents are often very serious. If a Lyft driver’s negligence leaves you injured in an accident, you shouldn’t wait to consult with an experienced Morgan County Lyft accident lawyer.

Your Damages

If you’re injured by a Lyft driver’s negligence, seeking compensation for your full array of damages is well advised, including the following categories:

  • Your Medical Expenses, which can be immense and ongoing
  • Your lost earnings, which can segue into lost earning potential
  • Your physical and emotional pain and suffering, which can be the most challenging of all

Obtaining just compensation that addresses your damages in their entirety is paramount to your ability to fully heal.

The Lyft Company

Lyft does not actually employ its drivers. Instead, they are contract workers, which helps Lyft keep its liability low. If, however, you are injured when the at-fault Lyft driver is either transporting a Lyft passenger or is in the process of picking up a Lyft passenger, Lyft’s comprehensive insurance coverage applies. Unfortunately, this does not mean that the insurance carrier is going to fully compensate you without putting you through your paces, and it is in the best interest of your claim and your future to have a dedicated Lyft accident attorney on your side.

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