Morgan County Uber Accident Attorney

Morgan County Uber Accident Attorney

Uber is a great convenience, and Uber accidents are anything but. Dangerous Uber accidents are on the rise, and their claims can be tricky. If you’ve been injured by an Uber driver’s negligence, an experienced Morgan County Uber accident lawyer can help.

Is Uber Responsible?

It’s somewhat confusing, but Uber drivers are not employees of Uber, which greatly mitigates Uber’s liability when it comes to Uber accidents. If the Uber driver, however, is on the Uber app and either has an Uber passenger or is on the way to pick one up when the accident that leaves you injured happens, Uber’s expansive insurance coverage is in play.

If, however, the Uber driver is on the app but has no Uber passengers and there are no passengers waiting for him or her to pick up, Uber’s insurance coverage will kick in only if the driver’s personal coverage is exhausted by the claim. If the Uber driver has toggled off the app – even momentarily – Uber bears no responsibility whatsoever, and your claim will proceed in exactly the same way that any other car accident claim would.

Uber Driver Negligence

Although Uber drivers aren’t professional drivers in the same legal sense that cab drivers are, they nevertheless owe a duty of care to everyone on the road that extends to driving safely within the parameters of transporting paying customers, which comes with its own set of risks. Often, Uber driver negligence is the impetus behind Uber accidents, including:

  • Distraction
  • Impairment
  • Exhaustion
  • Excess speed
  • Aggression

Seek the Legal Guidance of an Experienced Morgan County Uber Accident Lawyer

The skilled Morgan County Uber accident attorneys at Ben F. Windham, PC, are well equipped to help guide your claim towards a just resolution that allows you to reach your fullest recovery. Your claim is our priority, so please don’t wait to contact or call us at 833.236.9467 to schedule your free consultation today.