Morrow Burn Injury Attorney

Morrow Burn Injury Attorney

Burns can happen in many ways, including from contact with fire, hot surfaces, hot liquids, steam, or toxic chemicals. Some burns are minor and can be treated at home with first aid. However, most second-degree burns and all third-degree burns should be treated by medical professionals immediately. These burns damage multiple layers of skin or all layers of skin and some tissue below.

Common Treatment Plans

First, burn injuries are highly prone to life-threatening infections and other complications. Being under medical care is critical to monitor burn patients for such infections, and burn patients often spend a long time in a burn center or hospital ward. Professionals can clean, dress, and examine the burn wounds during this time.

Patients often need surgical procedures to repair the burned area. This can include painful skin grafts, which might need to be performed multiple times, as well as even amputations of parts that cannot be repaired. This often includes digits, ears, and other smaller body parts.

Even after all of this treatment, many burn injury victims still must live with disabled body parts, long-term health issues, and permanent disfigurement. This can lead to lasting problems, including physical pain, mental trauma, and more.

If someone else caused your burn injury, they should be liable for the costs of all of your treatment, as well as lost income. You can also seek financial recovery for your pain and suffering, disfigurement, and any other relevant losses.

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