Morrow Ga Product Liability Attorney

Morrow Ga Product Liability Attorney

We all clamor for consumer goods, and the last thing any of us expect is to be harmed by them. The fact is, however, that the manufacturers of consumer goods are motivated by profits, and sometimes, the safety of consumers is ignored in the process. If a dangerous consumer product leaves you or someone you care about injured, you shouldn’t wait to consult with an experienced Morrow product liability attorney.

Design Defect

There are three primary kinds of defects that tend to guide product liability claims, and one of them is design defects. This is when the product is made in strict accordance with its design, but the design itself is defective. When a toy that is designed for a baby incorporates a small removable part that amounts to a choking hazard, the design is flawed.

Manufacturing Flaw

If the product’s design is sound, but it is rendered dangerous in the manufacturing process, it amounts to a manufacturing flaw. Let’s consider the young child’s toy again and imagine that its design is sound. If during manufacture, however, lead-based paint is used, the manufacturing process is where the danger comes in.

Lack of Instruction or Warning

When a manufacturer fails to supply the appropriate instructions or warnings, it can render an otherwise safe consumer good dangerous. For example, if that toy with the small, removable part doesn’t come with a warning that it is for children over the age of three only, this lack of warning can lead to a product liability claim.

Your Losses

The losses associated with product liability claims can include all the following basic categories:

  • Medical bills (current and ongoing)
  • Lost wages, which may include a loss in earning potential
  • Physical and psychological pain and suffering

Seek the Legal Counsel of an Experienced Morrow Product Liability Attorney

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