Morrow Ga Uber Accident Attorney

Morrow Ga Uber Accident Attorney

When you need a ride, Uber has a lot to offer. If you’re injured by an Uber driver’s negligence, however, it can be a real challenge. Determining which insurance provider (or providers) is on the hook for your claim is the first order of business, and from here, you and your experienced Uber accident attorney will skillfully pursue just compensation that addresses your losses in their entirety.

Which Insurance Policy Is Up?

If you have been injured by an Uber driver’s carelessness, insurance coverage breaks down in the following ways:

  • If the Uber driver was in full-on Uber mode – either transporting an Uber passenger or on the way to pick one up – Uber’s own coverage, which is quite comprehensive, will handle your entire claim.
  • If the Uber driver was on the Uber app and biding his or her time behind the wheel – waiting for an Uber passenger – Uber’s coverage will kick in at the point that the Uber driver’s own coverage is depleted, which means two insurance companies may be involved.
  • If the Uber driver has logged off as an Uber driver – even momentarily – your claim will proceed through the driver’s own coverage in the same way it would for any other car crash claim.

Once the insurance coverage is established, obtaining the compensation to which you are entitled is the next challenge, and that’s what your dedicated Uber Accident attorney is there for.

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