Watch for More Trucks This Holiday Season

Watch for More Trucks This Holiday Season

This holiday season is underway, and many people have already started the bulk of their gift shopping. This is largely because warnings of supply chain problems and other possible delays have many people worried that their gifts will not arrive in time for the intended holiday. This means that there is already an increased number of commercial trucks and delivery vehicles on the highways and roads wherever you look. This number is not likely to decrease any time soon, which also means the risk is higher for truck accidents.

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Tight Delivery Schedules Can Mean More Crashes

More and more people are shopping online in 2021, which means delivery and shipping companies are – and will be – working overtime to get all the orders where they need to go. Tight delivery schedules can lead to more truck accidents for different reasons:

  • Truck drivers might be tempted to drive longer hours to make more deliveries, which can lead to fatigued driving.
  • Truck drivers might feel more pressure, which can increase stress and make it more challenging to focus behind the wheel.
  • Truck drivers might speed, or trucking companies might cut other safety corners to save time and make more deliveries in a shorter period of time.
  • Trucking companies might send drivers out on the road before they are ready, or might send out trucks that have not been properly inspected or maintained.

Reach Out to a Morrow Georgia Truck Accident Lawyer Right Away

Making scheduled deliveries should never interfere with safety in the trucking industry, and if you suffer injuries because a truck driver crashed, you need the right legal help from Ben F. Windham, P.C. Contact us for more information about a possible injury claim today.