Morrow Paralysis Attorney

Morrow Paralysis Attorney

Spinal cord injuries are severe injuries that can have lasting effects. Anyone suspected of having a spinal cord injury needs emergency medical help, often including emergency transportation in an ambulance. Once you are admitted to the hospital, doctors will monitor you and assess the extent of the injury.

There are two types of spinal injuries – incomplete and complete. While incomplete spinal injuries are still severe, many people can recover with time and treatment. On the other hand, complete spinal cord injuries will result in permanent paralysis. If you suffered this type of injury in an accident and you believe someone else was to blame, contact a Morrow paralysis lawyer for help as soon as possible.

Recovering for Your Losses

The law allows you to seek financial recovery if another person or company caused your paralysis. An important part of the process is determining the extent of your losses and how much compensation you deserve. This is complicated, as paralysis is a life-long and costly condition. Some common losses include:

  • Past medical expenses for emergency treatment and transportation, hospitalization, surgery, rehabilitative care, home health care, medical equipment, home adaptations, and more
  • The estimated costs of all medical treatment you will likely need in the future
  • Lost income and the loss of future earnings if you have to stop working or find a lower-paying job
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Permanent disability
  • Loss of consortium

Many losses stemming from paralysis are intangible or have not happened yet, making these calculations a complex matter.

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