When is it Time to Call a Car Accident Lawyer?

When is it Time to Call a Car Accident Lawyer?

The actions that you take, and the things that you say, can make a big difference in whether you get paid for your car accident injuries and how much money you get. On your own, you may make a mistake, either out of lack of knowledge of the process or under pressure from the other driver’s insurance company.

The way to avoid these errors is to call a lawyer right after the car accident and let them go to work on your behalf. The more time you wait to call an attorney, the more it can complicate your legal process. Here are some things that can happen when you are unrepresented:

  • The evidence necessary to prove your case has a very short shelf life, and it can disappear in a hurry
  • The other driver’s insurance company could pressure you to make a statement that could undercut your claim
  • You may be pressured to accept a settlement offer that does not even come close to paying you for your damages

An Attorney Protects You from the Insurance Company

The time after an accident is very stressful. Your health and your finances are your prominent worries. An experienced attorney could at least give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have someone determined and capable who can fight for you. They can protect you from insurance company overreach and many of the other things that happen after an accident that can keep you from getting what you deserve financially.

Call a Morrow Personal Injury Lawyer

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